Tin Whistle Scholarship Fund (TWSF)


The mission of the Tin Whistles Scholarship Foundation is to provide college scholarships to students who have graduated from high schools in Moore County and who have demonstrated high academic achievement, leadership capability, service to the community and financial need.


What started with golf outings and socializing
became a “Contribution To A Future” in a community.

1979: two-four year scholarships for a total of $12,000.
2020: four-four year scholarships for a total of $88,000.

The Tin Whistles started as a golfing group in 1904. The founding members were individuals wintering in the Pinehurst area who developed friendships through golf and socializing. These friends created the Tin Whistles Club (TW).

Founded in Pinehurst, NC - 1904

Over many years these golfers became residents as opposed to visitors. Once residents, the group became dedicated to the local area, and through that dedication came the Tin Whistles Scholarship Fund (TWSF) in 1978.1 The founders of the TWSF (Parker Hall & Vice Admiral William E. Gentner) decided that contributing to the future of a Moore County student was a necessary “give back” to the community they enjoyed. The first award of 2 – four year scholarships was a total commitment of $12,000. The current 4 – four-year scholarships are an $88,000 commitment. The Tin Whistles membership has donated, over the past 40 years, $1.5M in scholarships to 136 students (through 2020).

The Tin Whistles Scholarship Foundation (TWSF)

The TWSF is a 501 (c)(3) corporation, sponsored by The Tin Whistles, Inc., operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The Board consists of 12 trustees and three ex officio members, all Tin Whistles. Four trustees are appointed each year for a three-year term. The three ex officio voting members are the Tin Whistles President, Vice President (which change yearly) & the Club Captain.

Info for Applicants

NORTH MOORE Jennifer Purvis
Clint Mack
Scholarship Coordinator
PINECREST Stephanie Phillips
 Tamara Devine
Scholarship Coordinator
Renee Ferrerio
Director of College Counseling
UNION PINES Andy McCormick
Janet Caddell
Scholarship Coordinator



The process of selecting scholars is managed by the TWSF Scholarship Committee. They begin in December to coordinate the selection schedule with the four high school guidance counselors (North Moore, Union Pines, Pinecrest and O'Neal).

The counselors are provided the selection criteria and applications for students to complete. The counselors screen senior applicants in the middle of April, selecting their best candidates. The number of applicants for each school is based on the school's percentage of Moore County High School graduating seniors.


The current equally rated criteria are:

  • A record of high academic achievement
  • Active participation in extra-curricular and community activities
  • Demonstrated leadership capability
  • Demonstrated need for financial assistance


The scholarships are annual grants to Moore County high school graduates for higher educational tuition and related expenses at any accredited university or college of the student's choice. Scholarships are awarded for one academic year and are renewable to complete a four year academic study program. The renewal awards are contingent upon the student maintaining good academic standing at their chosen institution.


Currently, the Tin Whistle Scholarship Foundation awards four – four-year scholarships ($5,500 per year) to Moore County high school seniors that have been accepted or are enrolled in a four year accredited college or university. Since the first scholarships were granted in 1979, 136 scholarships have been awarded with an approximate value of $1,500,000.

There are several programs under review that may provide additional financial support for Moore County High School seniors with a desire to further their education.


Guidance counselors from the four Moore County high schools screen senior applicants in the middle of April, selecting their best candidates. The number of applicants for each school is based on the school's percentage of Moore County High School graduating seniors. A five-member Tin Whistles Selection Committee appointed each year interview 27 to 30 candidates at the end of April.

Scholars are selected and introduced at the beginning of May.


The Moore County High School senior (Pinecrest, North Moore, Union Pines, O’Neil School) should contact their guidance counselor for specific information and application

Alumni Networks

Active since 2018, the Foundation’s Scholar Network Committee has been working to create and maintain a network of former and current scholars to foster the concept that a TW Scholar is a “Scholar for Life.” With over 136 Scholars, the network enables scholar alumni to assist each other professionally in their various careers and to receive guidance and mentoring from the extensive network of over 300 Tin Whistles with applicable skills and experience. The goal is to foster a community spirit of giving back in time, talent and financial support to the mission of the Scholarship Foundation.

Participation on the committee is open to Tin Whistles and, in particular, Scholar Alumni who want to support growing the Alumni Network, its purpose and annual deliverables. A series of regular meetings are held about 10 times a year, allowing participation for Scholars who are not in the local Pinehurst area.

“Scholar Connections,” is a quarterly newsletter produced by the Scholar Network Committee. It regularly features profiles of Scholars, invitations to events, and includes a survey for Scholars to voice their opinions, suggestions and provide insights into their interest in services.

Created in 2019, the Tin Whistles LinkedIn Group was formed to provide a platform to support meaningful mentoring connections between Scholars and TW members. This “closed” group is open only to Scholars and TW members by invitation, and those interested should contact: Info@TinWhistlesFoundation.org for an invitation and details on how to join. Any Scholar seeking professional connections, mentoring or career support is encouraged to reach out via email or to make their interests known through the closed LinkedIn group.

The committee is also working to organize Scholar networking opportunities, both in-person and via electronic means. In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted several local meeting plans for Scholars, but a survey confirmed that on-line platforms for networking purposes would be of strong interest – and a group of Scholars is intending to offer new alternatives for on-going networking.

Scholars are also invited to the New Scholars Luncheon, typically held annually in May, as well as a year-end Holiday Party. Both provide excellent ways for Scholars to maintain contact with one another and the Tin Whistles Scholarship Foundation.

A Tin Whistles Scholar is a “Scholar for Life.” The Scholar Network Committee is dedicated to working to foster and sustain this powerful network for the growing number of Alumni and Tin Whistles alike.

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